USPTO Practices

  • Do you know that USPTO implemented a new program where an inventor or applicant can qualify for a “micro entity” wherein certain office fees are further reduced?  If you want to know more about it please contact us either at 702-724-2628 or send us an email with your question:
  • Do you know that you can make your application a “priority application” by paying the required fee and submitting a petition wherein if it is granted, USPTO examines and finalizes the examination of your patent application within 12 months from the application date?
  • Do you know that an oath or declaration has to be filed for a national phase application that is filed at the USPTO under 35 U.S.C. Section 371? Do you know that if an oath or declaration is not filed on the day that the application is filed, you will get a missing oath/declaration notification and you can file an oath or declaration within the time given to you in the office notice. You will also have to pay additional office fee based on your entity status.
  • Do you know that under U.S.C. 35 Section 112, a multiple dependent claim cannot depend on another multiple dependent claim?
  • Do you know that as an inventor you have the option to either file patent applications and prosecute patent applications by yourself at the USPTO or you can hire a Patent Agent or a Patent Attorney registered with the USPTO to represent you and help you with patent application prosecution at the USPTO?

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