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Gokalp Bayramoglu, Ph.D., Esq. 1,2

Nihat Deniz Bayramoglu, Esq.1,2,3

James McDonough, Esq.2,7

Nazly A. Bayramoglu, Esq,6

Mark Atkinson, Ph.D, 1 ,5

William N Siebert,Esq,7

Alecia Smith

Mary Gallagher

Emre Kocoglu

Elizabeth Rodriguez



Amanda Lee

Polly Chen

Chris Wang

Aster Chen

Melody Wang

Daisy Guo

Connie Zhu

Jessica Chen

Sally Chen

Greta Wang

Alice Que

Lynn Lin

Liya Yang

Kristin Zhang

Joy Xiang

Sudesh Bhalla, B.Tech., MIP.4

Xiao Lee

Candy Gan

Sandy Lin

Luke Zou

Victoria Read

Vanessa Wu

Crystal Qiu

Fiona Huang

Vincent Han







1 Admitted to Practice in California and USPTO

2 Admitted to Practice in California

3 Admitted to Practice in Nevada 

Admitted to Practice at USPTO; limited recognition

5 Prior Patent Examiner at USPTO

6 Admitted to Practice in New Mexico

7 Of Counsel



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