How to Protect Your Brand on Amazon

Brands that sell their products on Amazon face a variety of obstacles that impede their ability to market themselves efficiently. Frustrations range from being unable to make simple changes to listing details changed by typos or faulty information to needy or high maintenance sellers.  Fortunately, Amazon has a solution to help protect your brand from these type of hassles.


Amazon Brand Registry has been around for a long time and it’s probably something you haven’t heard of before unless your saw a random treat from a friend who was ripped off on Amazon.  The program exists to help brands protect their product listings and offer additional tools to optimize your listings for success.  Currently, any brand with a registered trademark can enroll in Amazon Brand Registry.


How do I get started?

Enrolling in Amazon’s brand registry program is fairly simple.  To begin the process, you’ll need to provide Amazon with the trademark registration number  for your brand, a list of product categories, a brand website, a list of countries where your products are manufactured and distributed and images of your brand’s logo, product and packaging.


Can I get help?

Amazon makes it easy with a simple walk-through fillable form where you can easily fill out all this information.  After you’re done, a verification code will be sent to the law office  that filed your trademark.  At this point, you’ll contact your attorney to retrieve the code and provide it to Amazon to finish the enrollment.


Brands that primarily work with a single seller inside the marketplace on Amazon to sell or distribute their wares can have their seller initiate the process on behalf of their brand.  Control of brand registry can be relinquished at any time.


How Am I Protected?

The benefits of brand registry include product listing product listing from other sellers, the potential for increased conversion rate and sales and an overall improvement in your Amazon experience.


What other benefits are there?

If you have ever spent time on  “Amazon Seller Central” updating a product listing, only to find that those updates aren’t showing up correctly, or were changed by another seller, knows the headache of opening a case with Amazon to fix the issue.  Brand Registry can resolve this problem by prioritizing information from the registered brand above the crowd of other sellers on the listing.

This means that you have control of your product’s details and presentation on Amazon.

Additionally, registered brands have the ability to add “Enhanced Brand Content” to their listings.  This offers more details to the consumer to review more information and details about the product they’re thinking about purchasing.

Not only does this added information please the eye, but we’ve also seen product conversion rates jump by 30% or more on product listings that feature the  “Enhanced Brand Content”.


Is this right for me?

For sellers who struggle with prolonged ad approval times for their products, we’ve seen ads for brand registered products be approved within 24 hours.  And don’t stress — adjustments can be made to ads without pausing the campaign, allowing sellers the flexibility they want.


Brand Registry is easy to set up and navigate for any seller wishing to improve their overall brand or experience with Amazon. In today’s ever changing, evolving marketplace where it’s easier than ever for other sellers to represent your brand inaccurately, Brand Registry offers protection and peace of mind.

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